Art Guidelines

Guidelines for customer- furnished computer-generated craft

All customer-furnished, computer-generated art requires some review time which is billed at the standard craft charge. Customer-furnished art must be in a format that allows them to be manipulated to ensure proper traps, halftone dot assignment, etc. If we can’t use your art as furnished, we will bill all craft time required to make it functional.


We have Macintosh equipment & the following programs:

  • Illustrator CC
  • PhotoShop CC

What kind of art is needed for screen print?

All files should be submitted in an Adobe Illustrator vector format. Please note, web art or an image from the internet is not usable as-is. Quark, Publisher, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, MS Paint, etc., are not usable formats. Quotes on separation charges and redraw fees are recommended and available upon request.

What Is A Vector File?

A VECTOR FILE is an image composed of paths. All fonts need to be converted to outlines. This file type can be printed on light or dark garments. The terms outlines, fonts, and spot colors are commonly used when discussing this file type. These files are usually created in Adobe Illustrator. Suitable file extensions are pdf, eps, and ai.

Screen Print File Format Chart Spot Color

Acceptable Vector Files

May Require Redraw Fee

Not Acceptable

If your document contains a TIFF or JPEG, make sure that the original TIFF or JPEG is also provided with your art submission. Always keep a backup of the files you submit. Never submit the only existing original.


Furnish all fonts used in your document (both printer font and screen font) OR convert all type to outlines before submitting the document.


If art is to print with spot color only, the document should NOT contain raster images. All color assignment must be made and editable in the illustration program.


Furnish all scans (raster images) at 100% size at 300 resolution in RGB.


Mechanical Art to Scan
When submitting art for us to scan & add halftones we need:

  1. Line size no smaller than 2 pt.
  2. Provide a copy without halftones and a copy with halftones.


Submitting Compressed Files
If you choose to compress your files when sending them via email, please create .SEA’s or .SIT’s.

Please contact us at 208-459-0883 if you have any questions about creating or submitting your art on disk or email.